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Beliefs I Live By & Work From

  • Each person is a gift and an irreplaceable resource in this world.
  • Love is absolutely essential for our well-being. Figuring this out with people is a cornerstone of any help we may offer.
  • Control over our own life is a right;helping others to get it and keep it is a responsibility.
  • True help comes from a place of equality.
  • Everyone learns; everyone grows. We need to keep offering each other invitations, opportunities, and encouragement to do this in life-affirming ways over time.
  • Respect has to be universal...equally shown to all groups and individuals and all that are living in our world.
  • An individual person is more important than any tool, technology, or organizational structure.
  • "Human Service" means responding to the strengths and needs of people who need a little extra help, in ways that truly put their concerns first.
  • Listening is an art we must continue to practice and appreciate.
  • We need to have much more joy, celebration, exploration, connection...and all of these pursuits.